Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude and appreciation is the key to success and happiness in life. I believe every person in this world wants to be happy and successful as their main desire. Sad to say no one teaches us the secret on how to be happy and how to be successful in life. Every individual are seeking happiness and success in the way they think they will find it. People are striving  and working hard thinking that this is something to attained with. Success and happiness is a journey not a destination .It is an inside job, to feel great is not a responsibility of other people so we should not depend our emotion to others rather we have to take responsibility with ourselves and how we feel and desire to spread happiness and success to others.

Being rich is different from being successful

I have studied the life of successful people and I found out that when you are grateful you will be happy and successful. There are rich people but not successful, they are not happy, they have failed relationship, broken family, that’s why there are some who had a tendency to fall into gambling and other vices.

Success requires balance in different areas of our life, in career, in relationship, in family and even personal goal. Success is not only having financial security. You probably achieved financial freedom but at the end of the day if no one is beside you to whom will you share with everything that you have laboured, you are still a failure. You must value all the people around you because your family and your significant other is still all you need.

I have written below the list of the things we have to appreciate and be grateful for in life. It is important that we should be kept motivated, positive, inspired and continue growing. If you want to be successful you have to start to be grateful, that’s the beginning of your life to go on to the next level.

1. Appreciate your family, each of your family member, your sister, brothers, parents, aunt, uncle, grandparents, niece, nephews, cousins and even your housemaid.

2. Appreciate your job, your colleagues, your boss, co-worker and your company.

3. Appreciate yourself, your skills, your talents, your knowledge, your hard work and your accomplishments.

4. Appreciate your relationship with your loved one and every one you meet in this journey of life.

5. Appreciate the place you are living in, your neighbour and your friends.

6. Appreciate your travel, your experiences, fun, laughter and discoveries.

7. Appreciate your body, your hair, your looks, your health, and your color.

There are so many things we will be grateful for in life if we only see and focus on the smallest details of our life.

“When you appreciate the small things in life only then you will appreciate more your life”

Remember thankful people are happy people, when you are thankful for small things the more you will have and the more you will be thankful.

Have a great day guys. God loves us all.😊



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  1. Very inspiring and motivating. A happy read to start your day.

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