Finding Purpose in Life

Every person comes in this world are on the discovery of who he is and what his purpose in life.

People are seeking the answer to their bunch of questions in life such as why he was born?  How to be successful? How to have a good relationship? And how to be happy?

I remember a famous quote of Mark Twain,“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

A man who doesn’t know his purpose in life is like a wind who doesn’t have direction. You don’t know how to live and where your life is going. You are like a sheep who gone astray.

When you are a child, you are just playing, eating, go to school and play with your friends. You are happy and feel contented. You don’t worry anything because you are just depending on your parents. You don’t fear, you are confident and strong and have lots of beautiful dreams. You are so excited to grow up and face the world.

But as you are growing up become teenager then adult, feels like things are getting tough and challenging. This is now the real world we have to face. As now an adult, we understand that we are 100% responsible for our life and all our decision and future, we cannot blame others for our life. Each one of us has their own struggle and challenges to overcome.

The time comes you will ask yourself, “what is the purpose of my life? What do I’m here on earth? Why does human exist and live on earth? These are some questions that are not easy to find the answer.  Each individual has their own opinion when you ask them those question and others might say, “I don’t know the answer.

When you are already in this phase of your life, this is a good sign that you are now getting matured and no longer dependent to your family or to other people and this is the TIME that you are taking responsibility for all your actions because it is where your future depending to.

Let me tell you some story about my life on how do I found my purpose in life.

After I finished university, I was excited to land in my first job, I was earning money to support all my needs and wants, I was paid better. I can buy anything I want, I can go anywhere I wanna go, I thought when you already experience all these things, you will be satisfied and fulfilled, but I was wrong. Although I have my family who is giving me moral support especially my mom, I feel an emptiness and void in my life.

Then I started to ask myself, “ what does it make life fulfilled? What is the purpose of life? You were born in this world taking care and feed by your parents, then grow up and go to school, get a job and earn, get married and have children and then get old and die? Is this the cycle of life only? I don’t think so, I said to myself.

I see a lot of people who are struggling to live daily, they don’t have food to feed their children, they don’t have shelter to protect them from strong heat of sun and bad weather, on the other side, there are people who have very comfortable life, they have delicious food on the table, they have fancy car and house, they are happy and enjoying their life. Is this the world where am I living? It seems life is very unfair. I believe those people who are struggling a lot to live if given a choice they will say, “it is better to die and not be born if only I will just suffer a lot on earth and not experiencing comfort and happiness in life. On the other side, those people who were born from a rich family, they are living a comfortable life, less struggle about their basic needs and have lots of freedom.

But what real life is? Is it really unfair? The answer is big NO. All of us are born equal, all of us has the soul, body and mind, we all have the same opportunity, no greater than the other, we are all same, the only difference for each of us is awareness and knowledge of who we are. We are all spirit with a body (flesh) who has a human experience. If all people will just learn about this truth that we should live from a spiritual perspective that the struggle we have like food, shelter and clothing are temporary and only for the flesh and God is providing all these things, we are all living with peace and contentment. Faith in God and seeking wisdom and revelation from above is the key in order to find the purpose in life. When you find the purpose of your life, you feel contented, fulfilled, peaceful, loved and joyful. You will only experience that you are truly living when you allow God to be in your life. Only God can fill that emptiness in our hearts.

I’m gonna leave with you two verses in the Bible, here it is in Matthew 6:33 – “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” and Jame 1:5 “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

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Have a great weekend guys. Take care 🙂

God loves us all ❤️

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