Life is beautiful

We maybe full of struggles and challenges every day. We may have trials and difficulties encounter whether in the family, personal, relationship and business, whatever life may throw at you at the end of it all “Life is beautiful.

 This life we have is a gift from God, we should be thankful every second, every moment in our life. Each morning we wake up that we are still alive breathing and ready to explore and receive the blessings of the day is indeed a blessing.

We are here in this planet to fulfil a specific purpose of our creator, to create life, to enjoy our human existence according to what God has intended it to be.

 We are here to bless others and show kindness and love to one another especially to those who are forsaken and abandon.

 We are here to lead and guide those who are hopeless and lost. Life is beautiful if we show compassion to those who are weak and afraid.

Life is beautiful when we fill our minds with good thoughts about others, about ourselves and about the world we live in instead of selfishness, greediness and rebellion.

Life is beautiful is you have eyes to see the best, a heart that forgives the worst,  a  mind that forgets the bad and a soul that never loses to God.

Life is beautiful if we know how to live and if we find the meaning of life itself.

You are valuable more than you know. You are precious to the author of your life. Come to Him and feel His warm embrace and He will show you how wonderful He created you, Life indeed is beautiful.



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  1. Very well said… Life is beautiful and has to be enjoyed no matter what… God Bless. So lovely article to share with other people.

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  2. Life is God. Thanks to this that you give positive vibe.

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  3. Everything is because of Him ☝️

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