How to work as a nurse in UAE?

Someone from India asked my colleague on how to work as a nurse in United Arab Emirates, so I gathered some information about the procedure on how you can land to your dream job in UAE hospitals.

Nursing, physiotherapist or any other medical profession from foreign countries who are interested to work in UAE, you must have a License Certificate in the governing authority such as HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi), DHA (Dubai Health Authority) it depends on which location you are going to work.

License certificate is very important upon application in any hospitals in different emirates in UAE. So when you are coming as a tourist to Dubai then you will apply for a job in hospital you must secure this document, otherwise your time and money will be wasted as all hospital prefer the applicants with Haad, DHA certificate.

According to the experience of other applicants normally the processing and verification of documents then schedule of examination up to releasing ot the certificate takes 4 to 6 months and sometimes a year, so you cannot process it easily and get immediately within a month when you are already in UAE.

Good news is you can now process and take an exam online from your home country. You can check and apply on their website or you can ask an assistance from your agencies.

For documents required, procedure, payment and more information please check below link their website.

I hope this information help you.



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