Awaken The Giant Within – Book Review

“Awaken the Giant Within” is the book I just recently finished reading. This book is written by Anthony Robbins. I like most of his books and I like him as a person because of his kindness and good intention to help people around the world and share his blessings to others.  He is a philanthropist and doing a lot of charitable works, feeding more than a hundred million people and helping to uplift people’s lives. Hoping to see him in person in one of his seminar.:)

Let’s go back to the book, well, this is a great book 📚 about personality development, understanding our behavior and why people behave in that way and helps you to realize your flaws and Take Action and do something about it. Our mind, our emotion, our belief has a great impact why you have the life you are living right now. Most of the people they are thinking about their past failure or mistakes and blaming others of their mediocrity but in this book you will learn how to unleash the power within you, you will know your real self and your highest potential that you can change your life and achieve your dreams. Take immediate control of your mental, emotional, physical and financial destiny. In short this would help you to become successful.:)

I will share with you next time my other books that I am reading that I believe would be helpful to improve life.

How about you what is your favorite book?Share your favorite book in comments and I will appreciate it. 😊

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