God is NOT mad at You

All of us are sinners. Since we were born we are already a sinners. We are sinners because of Adam sin. In the Old Testament in Romans 5;19 – “with one man disobedience we become sinners” . We cannot undo that situation by good works. And because we are all sinners all of us supposed to be bound to punishment and death (Romans 6:23)

But there is good news, (Romans 5:8) because of God’s love to humankind while we were still sinner God gave His only begotten son Jesus Christ and He died for us in order to redeemed us from sin and gave us eternal life. Because of what Jesus has done on the cross we become righteous and we received all the benefits of His shedding of blood. God is offering this gift to everyone, a blessed , joyful , peaceful and abundant life here on earth and most of all is the gift of salvation and eternal life in heaven. We only need to come to God and receive His GRACE and love. Grace is unmerited favor from God that we don’t deserve but God is saying “RECEIVED IT”.

GOD IS NOT MAD AT YOU. God loves you regardless of how much sin you have. God is seeing you on how much love you need so come to Him BOLDLY and received His righteousness. God can transform your life and help you from your weaknesses and live a victorious life.

“As Jesus is and so are you in this world” Jesus died on the cross because He loves you and me. In response to what He did is to received His righteousness and unmerited favor. And you are righteous apart from your did but because of what Jesus has done on the cross. God loves you.

Romans 1:17″ The righteous shall live by faith”.

The Gospel is the good news. And the gospel is the gospel of hope and peace. God is not mad at you. Come back to the Father’s love, He is waiting to embrace you regardless of how you think you sin against God. God is not looking at your sin, He is looking for how much you need His LOVE for you. He will help you in your weaknesses, and trouble and He will transform your life.

Have FAITH and TRUST in God. Accept His Love , Grace and Favor.

Recommendation: Please read the book of John and Romans for this truth about God’s love for you and me in the Bible.

God loves you.!

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