Mussandam Dibba

Last Saturday, 25th November, 2017 I went to Dibba Oman with my brethren for our fellowship. We assembled at Spinneys Burjuman Dubai UAE around 7:15 in the morning then we started our journey taking Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Sharjah to Dibba Oman.

On the way

After we passed by Sharjah and Al Ain we saw the wide sand desert , breathtaking view of the sea 🌊 on one side and Rocky Mountains ⛰ on the other side, gave me an urge to get off the car and climb up to the top just to take photo but I wasn’t able to, therefore keep your camera ready to capture every stunning scenery along the way from Dubai to Mussandam.

Around 2 km before you reach the border a few roundabout and commercial establishment , you will spot from afar the magnificent sea alluring to your senses to come and enjoy the calmness surface of the nature. Then we reached the border and done with the custom police inspection around 10am headed for about 3 minutes then finally we arrived to the port (Al Mina Port).

We got off the coaster bus and embarked to the ferry⛴ We waited for sometime then we left the port around 11am going to the midst of the sea not far off the other side of the shore along side rocky mountain where you can explore and take astounding photos. The still water 💦 invigorating and exciting for fun and activities.

The ferry were just stationary, all our bags and stuff were keep in the ship. They gave us some banana 🍌 and juice 🥤 for snacks, then they told us to prepare ourselves. We wore the life vest and goggles and after a while we begin with our activities.

Our tour guide commanded us to transfer into a small boat and take us to the seaside to go for swimming 🏊‍♀️ and of course to take photos:). Afterwards, the boat who dropped us came and take us back to the main ferry to accomplish one by one the planned activities.

Things to do in Musandam1. Swimming and Snorkeling. Who can resist the temptation not to swim to the lure of the refreshing water, cleansing your tired body and calming to the soul.

Snorkeling is also available if you would like,  this sea region is abundant with marine inhabitants, fishes and corals.

2. Banana Boat Ride. If you haven’t tried a banana boat ride, you can try it here, it is fun and exciting.

3. Speed Boat Ride. We love the thrill ride, cruising around 15-20 minutes seeing the beauty of the sea and gorgeous mountain.

4. Deep Sea Fishing. We enjoyed fishing, everyone will enjoy fishing especially when you catch a good fish. There was one man who caught a fish “Baracoda” , (check photo below) 🙂

5. Dolphin Watch. They said there are also Dolphins on the other area (probably in other travel package or travel company).

There are lots of fun and adventure in Musandam, you can check with your nearby travel agency their Musandam Package activities.

The road we traveled going to Oman from Dubai.

Al Mina Port, Oman.

I was in awe when I saw this tons of fishes in the port when we were about to aboard in the ferry,

My Brethren 🙂 This photo was taken when we were waiting the ferry to depart from the port.

That man caught “Baracoda” fish.

We were sailing going to the midst of the sea.

Rocky Mountain on the seaside.

Our Banana Boat Ride

History of Dibba Oman It is bordered by the Gulf of Oman to the east, Dibba Al- Baya to the north and Dibba Al-Fujairah to the south. It is mostly known for its fish market and ancient fortress, from which it got its name.

Visa Requirements – All tourist are required to carry valid original passport (not less than 6 months)

– All tourist require an Oman visa to enter by road. You have to present it in the border upon inspection. Some nationalities can apply for visa at the border, please check visa requirements with your nearby travel agent or Oman embassy.

-Oman visa fee is approximately 80 to 90 UAE Dirhams for expatriates holding UAE residence.

Note: it’s always advisable to fill your car petrol tank full as it is only few gas station ⛽️ along the way.

Google Map

If you would like to go for fun and adventure with your friends, colleagues and family, Try this amazing experience in Mussandam Oman. You will surely enjoy.

Thank you for reading. Till my next travel story.

Have a great weekend.


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  1. You have written this blog in such that I felt like I’ve there with you…. Felt so good after reading..

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