Can You Speak Spanish?

Hola amiga y amigo.

Is there anyone here who can speak Spanish?

Can you give me tips on how I can learn fast.

I am learning Spanish language online maybe you can talk to me in Spanish so I can practice it. 😀

Gracias por ayuda ☺️ comento por favor.

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  1. I’m also learning Spanish, I’m going to Spain in February and I’m trying to learn as much as I can 😩

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  2. Best way to learn in my opinion is to immerse yourself in it. Go on a trip to a country where they speak it. I have been to Peru twice now and mexico many times and it has helped. Also find friends in the area who speak and practice with them. I also use an app called duolingo it’s fantastic!

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    • Yeah, I’m using duolingo app…I already finished all the levels, just getting fluent of it… you are right, traveling to that country is a big help and finding friends who are practicing it.. thank you for that wonderful advice. Gracias para ese maravilloso consejo.. eres genial. You are great.:)

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  3. I’ve learned Spanish by watching TV shows like Casandra,Esperanca.Or La Mujer de Judas which was the most watched show in Serbia one time.Spanish language is very easy and fun when you start learning him.I bet you will learn Spanish in no time.Greetings from Serbia 🙂 .

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    • Wow.. thank you for your movies suggestion, In fact I was searching before for a good spanish movie to watch that are wholesome and great story. I’ve seen already one entitled “Regresa” after that I cannot find anymore. I’ll try to check your suggested movies. Gracias 🙏

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      • I thought it’s a movie.. ok then I’ll try to check that tv shows :)👍


      • They are not movies.They are TV series.Movie last an hour and a half,while television series last much longer.

        Watch La mujer de Judas.It is interesting show where you can learn a lot.I don’t say in movies you can’t learn nothing, but television offers more.Greetings if you need help with Spanish contact me 🙂 .

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      • I will check that tv series one time. Actually I don’t watch TV at all. I’d rather spend my time in other important things. It’s only included in my goal to at least learn foreign language one at a time, probably after this I will learn French..gracias por la ayuda y el apoyo, eres una buena persona. I hope I said it correctly and you understand. Thank you🙏😊

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      • Bueno la tele es pesado.Tv is boring.
        No tienes nada que puedes ver estos dias-You can not find nothing you can watch these days.
        Puedes practicar espanol con algien que abla ingles.You can practice Spanish with someone who speaks English.
        Mucha suerte.Good luck/

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      • You are great. Thank you Nash.i appreciate it.👍🙂

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  4. I have friends that speak Spanish so I’m trying to pick it up. I have Rosetta Stone but can’t seem to retain what I learn in real life!

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  5. Pimsleur is a great way to learn Spanish, it makes you repeat phrases over and over again. You can listen on any device with audio files.

    I started learning myself and it is much easier to learn than Rosetta Stone. I like the idea of watching novellas too! Good luck!

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  6. Si yo hablo español. Necesito practicarlo más porque le hablo bien mocho. English was my first language but when I was five I was sent to Mexico for two years. I had no choice but learn it. Best advice is to listen to music, watch soap operas and just immerse yourself in the language and you will learn it quick.

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  7. I gave up the moment I started 😀. I need a motivation

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  8. Mi otro especialización a la universidad fue español. Cuando necesito practicar ahora mirè YouTube por los niños como spongebob. Los videos de niños son faciles porque hablan mas lento que las telenovelas.

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  9. Nada nada! Porque quieres aprender español?

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