Start The Coming Year Off Right By Preparing NOW!

December is almost in the middle, 2 more weeks to go before new year. How do you end up your 2017? Do you have any preparation for the coming new year? or planning to make a new year resolution probably ..uhmm

Every year, we resolve to be a different person starting on January 1st. But why wait until the New Year takes hold to start making positive changes? Change NOW and do the preparation in this remaining couple of weeks.

Things we can do in order to have another fantastic year in 2018!

1. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for in 2017, your accomplishment, special things that happened to you this year, great experiences,  new things and places you have discovered.

2. Clean up and declutter your home. Throw all the clutter and organize your home.

3. Check your closet if there are clothes and other stuff you are not using, sell those with still value or you can give it to charity. It’s time to release those idle stuff in the house and welcome new things.

4. Finish the book you always delayed on the table.

5. Buy the book you really wanted to buy and read.

6. Try a different route going to your home.

7. Date a friend you haven’t meet for a long time

8. Eat in the restaurant you are yearning.

9. Have peace with someone you have some misunderstanding in the past. It’s time to forgive and forget.

10. Last but not the least, never forget to make a list of your plan and goal for 2018. This is very important. Write down the things you want to accomplish in the coming year, your action plan and time frame. Healthy lifestyle you want to achieve (It might be going to the gym or dieting). Personal growth or self-improvement you want to be done. Places you want to discover or spend vacation. Goals on how you can share your life to others and contribute to the society.

“The only time we have in life is NOW.”

Preparation time is never been a wasted time. The best thing to start the new year right and finish the whole year through with abundance, joy and prosperity is to prepare NOW.

I hope you enjoy this blog and sort of reminder.

Have a great weekend.

Blessings- JC


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  1. Interesting!
    This should be included

    *Save up cash.
    Despite its Christmas and New Year, and you’ll have to spend much, try to save up and not spend too much. Being cashless isn’t a good idea for a new start. Its depressing.

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  2. This is wonderful, JC! What good suggestions – I realize how much energy I get from decluttering especially. 🙂 Thank you & lovely to meet you. So glad you found my blog. Many blessings, Debbie

    ps I’ll be on a spiritual retreat at a gorgeous place in CA for two weeks, so I’ll be off blogging for a bit. Have a wonderful few weeks & in the meantime, sending you lots of smiles.

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