Desert Safari

Desert Safari is one of the most amazing adventure you should not miss when you come to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Last November 30, 2017 since it was holiday here in UAE we had a chance to go for some fun and adventure. It was unplanned. That was my second time  but for my buddies it was their first time so kind a mix emotions of fear, fun and excitement.

Below are some photos and video of this roller coaster experience but sad to say I wasn’t able to save the videos of the most intense part when we were climbing the summit and the tossing of the sand on the window. Anyway, we will try again this fun in the red sand dune in other parts of UAE, the sand are really amazing and I’m gonna make sure to take gorgeous photos and videos. 🙂

If you are planning to come to Dubai and wanna try this adventure you can check out with your travel agency nearby or you can book when you arrived here, there are so many available.

Check out the photos and videos. Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks  for reading. 🙂

Camel Riding and Horse Riding are available here.

Outside the camp. People are busy for taking pictures and camel riding.

This is the camp during the day. In the evening it will be full of people. There are entertainment, belly dance, henna tattoo, dinner and picture taking wearing the national costumes.

Souvenir items available. You can customize with your name inside the bottle. There are different sizes. The price is ranging from 35 AED with the small one.

You can also take a ride on this horse and take photo.

You can take a ride and take photo.

Camp looks like during the night. This photo was taken when we just arrived in the camp, most of the people where outside for the camel ride, horse ride, motorbike and picture taking.

Dinner in the camp. There are lots of food but I only choose those I am eating since most of them are arabic food.





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