” Stay Focus In Every Season”

When December hit in the calendar, it means holiday season is here. It is the most exciting and overwhelming month of the year. Christmas celebration will take place. It also means spending time with family, holiday out of town or out of the country, gatherings and parties in the company, bonding with friends and gifts giving to all dear to you. This month is the busiest season of the year with a lot of engagement and activities. Preparations for Christmas and New Year. There is a long list of all the stuff you need to accomplish before its due time such as buying stuff for exchange gift, present for your loved one, family and people who have supported you the whole year especially. Party here and party there should not be missed. You are also planning on how are you going to celebrate Christmas with whom or  where do you spend it this year with your family or special someone to make it remarkable than ever before. If someone close to you is gonna celebrate a birthday party you also need not to forget and make them feel they are special with some symbol of thoughtfulness and care.

After Christmas party, New Year celebration is just around the corner, you also need to prepare because you want to make the coming year more desirable than the previous one. These preparations includes decluttering your home and let go the baggage and those idle stuff,  planning and writing your goals as I’ve mentioned in my previous post (just read that article if you want to know some ideas and insights instead of New Year’s Resolution). It is not easy for a person living independent away from family like me, working in a routine job in the office from 8am-5pm to accomplish everything from organizing home, attending to party, buying gifts, going to the supermarket and buy groceries for New Year’s Eve or Media Noche, shopping also for yourself (of course don’t forget to buy for yourself for a good new year start 🙂 ) and not to mention is writing an article to be publish on a daily basis or weekly basis. These past 3 weeks my mind was so bothered and occupied with all these tasks. I’d missed accomplishing some of my routines especially doing an exercise or going to the gym if not every other day but at least during weekend, I failed to do it for 3 consecutive Fridays that had passed. I couldn’t even focus on writing because my mind was wandering with all these errands but Thank God I am now back in the right track with my good mundane task, furthermore, I was able to write this post on what I’ve realized and learned in my struggle and challenges for the last few weeks.

Life has so much concerns if not distractions but we have to keep ourselves in balance. Evaluate every single day if you never miss to do your daily routine for your big goal. If you are a goal-oriented person who is setting up goal daily and yearly I’m sure you can relate to this post. In achieving a big goal according to Brian Tracy, our daily habit or routine matters, self-discipline and focus are very important in achieving it. Therefore, in this holiday season I understand that we are too occupied with a lot of items. Christmas celebration is significant, Family, friends and people who are close to our heart are valuable, New Year celebration is also essential but achieving our big goal and dreams are very important especially if one of your major purpose is helping other people aside from your personal fulfilment. Staying focus on priority and keeping balance in life is vital in whatever season. At the same time not neglecting to celebrate and enjoy the holiday and have fun. Good daily routine must be fulfilled at the end of the day and not get affected by so much demand of environment and culture.

When you stay organized with your schedule and accomplished your daily routine, It’s a light feeling without burden. Life becomes easier and happier when you accomplished according to your schedule.

“Stop getting distracted by the things that have nothing to do with your goals.”- Anonymous

———————-A Thought In The Midst of A Challenging Season——————————

Tell me your insights about this post. I love to listen to your opinion and thoughts.

Thank you for reading.

Wish you are enjoying this holiday season.




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  2. Routine to me is so important, I find life just gets crazy without any structure to it. Doing new stuff is great and it is important, but you must prioritise what I call your every day life stuff. great post JC.

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  3. Nice gentle, now move along read, thank you JC.

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  4. Indeed! Organization is really important.

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