“La Mer” The Newest World-Class Beachfront In Dubai

La Mer Dubai~ Discover the newest world-class beachfront tourist attraction in United Arab Emirates. The spans of 13.4 million square feet stretching out into the ocean of Jumeirah 1 neighbourhood. The first phase was opened to the public last October 2017 and still work in progress in some area but you would already enjoy the visit in the part completed.

The destinations are made up of three different areas : La Mer South, La Mer North, The Wharf.  There are more than 130 shops, cafes and restaurants, water park, surf park and cinema. It is a combination of distinctive retail stores and leisure attraction. One-stop for shopping, swimming, surfing, play and entertainment and dining. Good for family bonding or picnic, playground for children (children can play beside the ocean as well as a beach club called “Sea Spice” and there are giant inflatable air pillow to laying down on the white sands along the Jumeirah beach), relaxation (there are beds and cabanas available for visitors) and leisurely walk (A beautiful spot to enjoy a day at the beach).

The wind in your hair and sand in your toes. Laidback fun at Dubai’s eclectic beachfront, journey through the bustling backstreets of the Wharf and kick back at the beach. From breezy calm to action-packed fun, La Mer has something for everyone.

Check out some photos taken last Monday, 1st January, 2018, our first stroll of the new year. We only went to La Mer South since it is very wide we were not able to check the whole area, but we are planning to go back and explore the other zone of North and The Wharf and will update you.

Include this in your itinerary and never miss to experience the fun and entertainment in this inspiring environment when you come to Dubai.

Thank you for reading and happy new year.

Blessings.- JC

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