I Am Expecting In 2018

First month of the year is now almost over. Every one of us is expecting that this year is gonna be better than the previous one before this year began. “ Life is getting better and better as time goes by”. That’s the best attitude and expectation one must have. I am very excited and grateful in advance for so many huge things I am looking forward for this year 2018. I am a big dreamer, firm believer and great achiever. Everything is possible. Limitations and lack never exist because we have a big God who owns the universe and who can open the door of blessings to everyone who believes in Him (we only need to have faith and continue to trust this God, who created the heaven and earth in order for us to experience the real essence of life and enjoy this journey on earth and most especially an eternal life in heaven. He has already given us the heaven’s best, the Lord “Jesus Christ”. “It is finished”. Received His Grace)

Matthew 6:33~ Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Alright let’s continue, as per my topic I’m gonna share with you the things I am delighted and expecting in this year 2018 which I am thankful to God for letting it come to pass.


I love traveling, I wanna visit this year 3 countries, the first one is in Tbilisi Georgia, it is just near to UAE., probably first week of March. I wanna experience the winter snow in this land. The second one I dreamed to see is the cherry blossoms in the land of the rising sun and take gorgeous photos and at the same time to visit my aunt settled there for more than 3 decades. Then is to visit Down Under.

Have my dream house

Well I have prayed to God to have my own house and lot with big garden surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees that are bearing fruits. I love flowers a lot. It makes my day active, beautiful and vibrant.

Learned the skills in photography and autocad

I love nature. I love taking photos capturing anything catchy with my eyes. I want to explore more the art in photography in order for me to create and share a more wonderful photo here in my website.

Autocad is another thing that interest me. I like this creating virtual objects. I am fascinated how it is being done. I believe this is a great help in my current job and also to be creative in images I’m using in my blogs.


I am expecting for a business opportunity or business start up this year. I would like to put up a business that something has value and get serious about.

Millions of followers and readers to my blogs

I dreamed to write and it happened I am now writing. I want to have my own website and here it is I got my own. Now I am excited to have millions of readers and get inspired of what I am writing. (By the way I’m also dreaming to write a book one day soon in God’s will that will inspire and have great impact to many .. hope to start it this year😊)I owed everything from God. I thanked the Lord for His Grace and favor on me. I believe all the skills, talents and everything that we have and we are enjoying comes from the Lord.

Livelihood Program

Since my childhood, I already dream to help the poor, homeless people on the street especially the children. I want to create jobs to reduce the number of unemployed. Feeding program and support the children whose family can not afford to give them education. I already have plan that I’m gonna start with this mission in my home country, but I can do this wherever there are people in need. I believe this is our purpose in life to reach out the lost, and give them hope and light.

“Matthew 7:7 :Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and door will be open to you,””Mark 11:24 : therefore whatever you ask for in prayer believe that you have receive it and it will be yours.”

Alright that’s all for now, enjoy my long list of goal. It’s a lot and quite big but nothing is impossible with God. We are free to think as big as the ocean and dream as high as the star but never forget that “happiness and success is a journey not a destination” All these earthly things that are seen are temporary. We may have lots of material possession in this world but we always have to remember to use it the way it is intended to be. Desire for what is unseen and eternal for it is everlasting. “Real joy, peace and contentment comes from the Lord.” His presence in our lives.”

The truest meaning of life is living life according to its purpose “

Thank you for reading.Share with me what are you expecting this year 2018? I’m sure you are also excited. Leave comments below.

Love and blessings ❤️

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  1. I wish you all the luck in the world!

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  2. I hope all your wishes come true. And much more.

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  3. The Lord says “Ask you shall receive, Seek you shall find, Knock the door shall open for you!”
    Im very inspired by your plans of 2018! May the Lord always be with you to help you. You deserve the bless

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  4. Good luck with your goals!^^

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I wish god will fulfill your all dreams. Just do it 😊

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