How Gratitude Can Change Your Life


Gratitude is the quality of being thankful in every circumstances in life. In the Scripture in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 it is mentioned ” In everything give thanks to the Lord”.  Whatever situation we are in, even in bad times, in sickness and going through difficult trials we remain positive, optimistic and grateful. We are not thankful for the sickness or with the problem that we have, we are thankful because by faith we will overcome every storm and deceases knowing that God has somethings best in-store for us after overcoming those temporary challenges in life.

How gratitude can change your life?

One common belief is that once you achieved something and become successful then you will become grateful, but that’s not the case, according to research they have discovered how gratitude plays a big role in success. People who are thankful are more likely to become successful.

People who show gratitude work better and more productive. They are very inspired with their job that’s why they are more likely to achieve something in life.

Grateful people experience less depression, more joy and make greater progress toward achieving goal. 

Grateful people have a positive outlook in handling failure. They know that temporary defeat is not permanent failure. They easily overcome and bounce back from downfall.

Grateful people are good in connecting with other people. They tend to be humble, not self-centered or greedy,  but instead they are generous to share because they are thankful for what they have. And because of their attitude of being grateful and generous in giving the more they become happy and overflowing of blessings.

“Grateful people become more successful”

Gratitude is one of the attribute of successful people. In fact all of them  are practicing everyday the habit of journaling the things they are grateful for. And when you study their lives and know them deeper they are very nice people, humble and grateful from simple pleasure. They appreciate life and live life to the fullest and according to purpose.

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  1. Our world needs more people that live a life of gratitude and thankfulness. And I truly believe people can live longer and more fulfilling lives when they do.

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