Words Of Wisdom 107

“BE THE SOURCE – whatever you want to experience in life find someone who is more down than you and do it with them what you really want. You want abundance? Make others abundant , be the source. Whatever you do to others there’s no other way but to come back to you. “


The Five Love Language


Every human being desire to love and be loved.  Everyone wanted to be cared and valued. Without love, life is meaningless and void, the world will be in chaos. Therefore love is the most powerful thing in this world, for peace and unity in the family, in humanity and in the universe.

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The Wife Of Noble Character



Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers out there! Because it is mother’s day, I remember the scriptures describing a great wife and mother. She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband is so lucky and blessed of having her. I believe God wants us all woman to make her a role model and follow her steps and be a blessing to our husband and family. Therefore I wanna share with you today that verses as it is a good thing to ponder. Here it is.

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Happy Mother’s Day! You Are A Great Mom.


Happy mother’s day to all mothers in the world! Our mom is the best person we have in this world. She is a blessing from God. She is our best teacher and counsellor. She takes care of us from our basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing. She is the person who will never leave us nor forsake us. She is always on our side in our ups and down and no matter what. She is our best friend whom you can tell all your secrets and feelings. When you are feeling down she is the one who is always encouraging you at your lowest point to stand up and bounce back in life. She is our best cheerleader in achieving our dreams. Her top priority is the needs of her children. She is willing to sacrifice and do everything just to support our needs. The happiness and success of her children is more important than her own happiness and dreams. Our comfort is more than hers. She protects us more than her security. Our mom may not be perfect at times like others but she is doing all her best to love us perfectly. Above all these, her love and care is profound and incomparable.  That’s my mom. She is outstanding for me although she already passed away 4 years ago her love will remain in my heart.  I am grateful to God for giving me such kind of mom, for her giving birth to me and how she made me felt love when she was still with us here on earth.  All the mom are a hero for each one of us. They are a gift from God.

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Hello Summer at Jumeirah Beach- Photography


Hello beach lover. 🏖 Summertime is here….It’s a wonderful Friday for me today because this morning we witnessed the sunrise 🌅 in Jumeirah Dubai, UAE, We were there very early in the morning to relax, smell the breeze of the sea and to take photos of course. Hahaha.

I love the beach a lot. Every year especially during summer I always wanted to spend time in the beach. It’s so relaxing. It feels that all the stress in your body is being cleansed and your soul is revived.

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Beautyworld Middle East 2018

Hi guys, today is the last day to attend the Beautyworld exhibition in Dubai World Trade Center. The largest international trade fair for beauty products, hair, fragrances and wellbeing in the Middle East. This is a 3 days affair held every year. This time it started May 8 -10 and today is the last day.

There are more than a thousand companies participants you will meet here from all over the world. A great place to search new products, to know what is trending in beauty industry, find business opportunities and broaden your network.

Here are the snapshot in the exhibition.

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Mickey Mouse Clothing

Five days ago, I was searching for Mickey Mouse Kids clothing and other stuff as a gift for my niece who is turning 4 years old next week. My brother told me that it is her favourite Disney character, so I am planning to send it to them by courier as they are based in another country.  I searched on the internet on which shop I can buy this particular Disney character in the mall or maybe if I found something nice I will just buy online and deliver to them. Upon searching I found in Souq  cute design of mickey mouse t-shirt for the whole family. They have a variety of items of Disney characters but I would like to share with you a random design for girls, boys, daddy, mommy, uncle, auntie, grandpa and grandma from Souq.










Disney Pullover Top for Girls






Disney Pullover Top for Boys

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