Al Seef – A Dining, Shopping and Liesure Destination

Hello dear friends and readers, I just want to share with you today on where we spend our Eid holiday with my sibling in Dubai. We found this new tourist attraction, a dining, shopping and leisure destination located near the Creekside area near Al Fahidi. A perfect place for relaxation and entertainment with friends and family. The first phase of Al Seef was opened for public last year September 2017. Check out some photos I’ve taken below.

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Words Of Wisdom 108

When you find purpose and meaning in what you’re doing in one area of your life, it grows in every area of your life because you are one person.”

“When you give up self-interested goals and you take on contributive goals, you function differently. The biology changes, the thought process changes, learning accelerates. You grow more. You are designed to be purpose-seeking mechanism. You’ve been shaped by life.

You’ve had bad experiences and good experiences, and both the bad experiences and the good experiences are there to teach you something about you.

Waiting Is A Sign Of Love


Waiting is a very difficult task to do.

Most of the people don’t wants to wait.

When someone made you wait your emotion is already enraged.

You are burning with anger. You already want to scream at that person.

You feel that this person doesn’t value your time.

But when you see it on the other way around you will surely change your perspective.

Giving a consideration and benefit of the doubt can pull you backward.

Waiting is a sign of love.

When you wait it is an act of kindness and understanding to others.

You are giving your precious time to someone you valued and it is not wasted.

Waiting is the true measure of a genuine attitude and personality.

It is a sign of growth and maturity. 


While I am waiting for a friend, this topic came to my mind. Thank you for reading. 🙂

Have a wonderful day 🙂