100 Things I Am Grateful For Today


I was challenged to write 100 things I am grateful for today. At first I’m a bit hesitant if I am able to think that much. But I accepted this challenge because I believe in the power of gratitude. In this way, I will be happy to think the things I am grateful for in my life. Let’s begin.

  1. I am grateful for my life that I am alive
  2. I woke up this morning with a smile, happy and grateful
  3. I am strong and healthy
  4. I am inspired to write this post
  5. I am grateful for my blogs site.
  6. I am grateful for all my readers , followers and supporter of my site
  7. All my family, siblings, nieces and nephews are healthy and safe
  8. I am abundant
  9. I am blessed
  10. My siblings and their own family are also blessed
  11. God is in the center of our family and He is always with us
  12. Though we have shortcomings, God is our Helper and Saviour
  13. When we are weak God is our strength
  14. I have a comfortable accommodation
  15. I have a good breakfast today
  16. I am grateful for the food supply everyday
  17. I am grateful for God’s blessing to the food we are partaking everyday that is giving us strength, healing and nourishment for our body
  18. I am highly favoured
  19. God is giving me wisdom and understanding every moment of my life
  20. I am guided by the Lord in all my plans and decision
  21. God is in control of every circumstance of my life, my family and we are safe with Him
  22. My future is secure with the Lord
  23. My siblings and family are secured with the Lord
  24. I feel loved and special
  25. I am loved by the people surround me
  26. I am loved by God
  27. I remember today my travel to Georgia and my upcoming travel
  28. I am able to share my blessings to others
  29. I am a channel of blessings
  30. I am motivated and inspired
  31. I am courageous and I can encourage others as well
  32. I am grateful for my kind and generous boss
  33. I am grateful for my good officemates and colleague
  34. I am pick up and drop home everyday going to work
  35. I have comfortable bed.
  36. I have good housemates
  37. My location is very convenient and close to everything that I need.
  38. I have good clothes
  39. I have good shoes
  40. I have good bags and accessories
  41. I have lovely office
  42. I have good timings
  43. I have good friends.
  44. I am surrounded by great people
  45. I meet a lot of great people in the blogging community
  46. I received bonus today – Thank you
  47. I send gifts to my family
  48. I am grateful for my great lunch today
  49. I have great dinner later
  50. I have nice plants in my office
  51. I have a calm and relaxing office.
  52. I have a comfortable office chair
  53. I have nice office view
  54. I am smiling while writing this blog
  55. I am invited to join in one group of bloggers
  56. I have a wonderful day today
  57. I did a great job at work
  58. I am grateful for the air we breath
  59. I am grateful for the good weather today
  60. I am grateful for the nice travel from home to work and vice versa
  61. I am grateful for the good people I deal with today
  62. I am productive today in the office and to my personal life
  63. I am able to update my site
  64. I am grateful for the nice song I listened today
  65. I am grateful for the people adding in my network
  66. I am grateful for me and my household eternal life in heaven
  67. I have upcoming travel again this year to Europe and this inspires me more and be grateful to God
  68. I’ve done with my walking exercise today and in different interesting place
  69. I am grateful all the toxic and negative energy  were released from my body during my exercise
  70. I completely feel refresh and cool after exercise
  71. I received a good news for our Eid dinner nextweek
  72. I finished the day differently today and I am happy
  73. I’ve done my nails today
  74. I like my nail color mint green
  75. I have a perfect day as I accomplished everything in my schedule
  76. I’ve done my laundry
  77. I’ve found a good rates in sending box international
  78. We go home on time today even if we have lots of task in the field
  79. I am grateful I am able to read books today.
  80. I am grateful I finished this post
  81. I am grateful for the kindness of people in the lift
  82. I am grateful for a safe and sound travel everyday and especially this time we have new driver
  83. I am grateful for the happy atmosphere today full of laughter in the house
  84. I am grateful for my painting display I made
  85. I have cleaned the room
  86. I have finished reading one book and now I started for a new one
  87. I am grateful that I see closer today the beautiful structure of “The Frame’ at night
  88. I learned a lot today upon observing people
  89. I am able to serve with other people today
  90. I feel great from the morning until I sleep
  91. I learned to be flexible
  92. I was able to share and uplift others
  93. I am grateful for my earnings today
  94. I am grateful for my journal
  95. I am grateful for my soft pillows
  96. I am grateful for so many dreams come true that I realized today
  97. I am grateful for great lightings in my room
  98. I am grateful I am inspired to write
  99. I am grateful for the sweet orange I ate today
  100. I am grateful I am grateful

Finally I’m done, it seems I can still exceed. I realized now that if we will just focus on finding the good things in our life, everyday you can think more than a hundred reasons to smile and be grateful for to God.

Thank you for reading. 🙂 Comment at least 5 things you are grateful for today. I will be happy reading it. 🙂

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  1. I am grateful for reading this. ❤

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  2. That’s a lot of things


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