How To Make Waiting Not Waiting?


Yesterday I went to the bank and there was a long queue as normal especially if the bank is located at the center of the city.  I got my token. I already guess that probably I will wait for 45 minutes to one hour which I did. I find a good sit waited for my number to be displayed in the monitor. While staring the number being serve changing, my conscious mind was asking how can I do something productive while waiting and I won’t get bored?…. So many ideas came into my mind, I have many choices such as; check and read news feed on social media, engage with my readers and followers, listen to music, read books or to draft blog and here are my ideas to tackle today on how to make waiting is not waiting at all.

Whoever you are and wherever you are in our daily lives we often encounter the situation of waiting such as; whether you are in the fuel station, in the fast-food chain, in the bank, waiting for the lift, waiting for the train to arrive, waiting for holiday, waiting for summer and waiting for a big day, waiting to meet your special someone and so on..There are so many types of waiting. Some are just short time while others need to wait for a few hours and sometimes even months and years, it depends to what we are expecting to happen. The question is what is our attitude during this waiting? How we spend our time in between before that thing we are waiting to happen right in front of us in the present moment.

How to make waiting not waiting?

Each one of us has the right to choose on how we will spend our time daily. In the situation of waiting everything depend on you if you want to use your time wisely and productive or do nothing and it will be wasted. I believe everyone wanted to spend their time properly but not everyone is aware on how to make time not wasted. Ok, let’s dive into my ideas I’m gonna share with you today, hope you like it and learn something from this blog.

Listening to Audio books or watching motivational videos – Listening to audio books is a very good choice to spend time while waiting. You are increasing your knowledge and ideas about life and work balance. Blinklist and Audible by Amazon has varieties of choices. And if you don’t like to pay for subscription for audio books , youtube channel is also just one click away, there are plenty of useful and informative videos available.

Read Books – it is a great idea to always bring a handy book (small and not thick), easy to carry inside your bag, so that during this unexpected moment of waiting, you have something to bring out and you can read your fascinating topic.

Gathering Ideas and Writing – This is also a smart activity when you are in the queue wherein you are in a comfortable sit with table and just waiting. You can search online of ideas and topic you have in mind. Like for us blogger, this is also a great time to read and gather information and write those ideas or draft your blogs, then afterwards you can just edit and do the final touch ready to be published.

Learn Foreign Language – If you don’t feel doing those 3 above, learning foreign language is something you can consider. There are so many apps available that you can learn Spanish, French, Arabic or any language you are interested and it is for free.

There are some sort of waiting that you have no idea of the certain time or period when it will arrive or gonna happen such as; when you are waiting for your special someone/ partner in life, waiting for your career break or promotion etc. There are so many scenario that your patience is needed and being tested, but the buttom line is the best attitude on dealing all sort of waiting is being productive, improving yourself, acting and doing something that can move you forward and not wasting your time doing nothing.

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