Winter Experience in Europe – Finland Travel 2019

A couple of weeks ago I just came back to Dubai from Finland. Now I appreciate more our weather which is ranging  from 19°C – 26°C during cold season from November to March while during summer you would feel the scorching heat of the sun in the peak month of August but I enjoyed both season in this Arab country.

Before we traveled to Finland, the temperature was reaching -19°C and – 21°C especially in Tampere, town in Pirkanmaa, Southern Finland which is the main city we will visit and Helsinki. I, personally was monitoring the weather in those 2 cities and in Sweden as per our itinerary we will also visit Stockholm by cruise from Helsinki. It was my first major experience of snow and freezing temperature. We stayed there for more than a week as planned. Therefore I need to be prepared with my winter gear, shoes, and gloves etc . Somehow, I was a bit scared imagining myself in the frozen surface, walking on the ice and then there were snow flakes sprinkling on my face, but I just encouraged myself that the local people there can survive the freezin’ temperature, therefore, I can also survive by faith and I did…. Thank God! 🙂

We arrived in Helsinki airport evening around 11:00pm, the temperature was -4°C and it was snowfall and then we traveled for almost 2 hours going to our hotel in Tampere and the temperature was -8°C. Along the way, after 100 km heavy snowfall approached toward us and the road was low visibility, we just follow the tails lights of the vehicle in front of us and finally we reached our hotel past 1:00 am. We were overjoyed and excited to rush in the room and relax our body on the cozy bed and have a wonderful sleep get ready for the day.

I woke up early around 7:30am. I’m still sensing the strange feeling and stillness of the room. When I look up at the window, the glass was blurry and I couldn’t see yet clearly the sky, so I fall asleep over again for another hour. Then, I got up do my morning routine which is writing my journal, took shower and then went down for a delectable breakfast buffet.

On the first day I explored by myself the area around the Inn. I went to Kauppakeskus Tullintori and Koskikeskus Shopping Center, only 5 minutes and 15 minutes walk away from our hotel to see the area and bought some stuff. And then we accomplished our itinerary in the succeeding days.

Below are the photos taken in Tampere, Finland. Hope you like it. 🙂

(These were only taken by phone as it is more convenient to use than camera when you are under freezin’ temperature..hahaha)

After we finished our mission in Tampere, the next part of this Nordic country that we explored was Helsinki, the capital of Finland. We had city sightseeing with an arabic speaking tour guide. We visited churches and famous landmarks in Helsinki.

Check out below snapshot. 🙂

I love winter and I love visiting freezing countries but only for fun and winter activity. I’m planning that in my next trip to Europe countries it would be during summertime or autumn which is warmer and it will be a different experience as well . As during winter, all the trees and mountains are covered by snow, it’s all white crystalline which is also gorgeous as well. But during warm months it’s all green and you can explore more and do an outside activity. Indeed, it was a wonderful trip that all of us brings great memories we will cherish as most of us it was our first time experience of snowfall and winter in Europe. In addition we enjoyed snowmobile and cruise to Stockholm.

On my next blog I’ll be sharing about our snowmobile experience on the frozen lake in Lapland and other stories about my travel. At the same time, I will be uploading my Europe travel videos in my youtube channel in the coming days.

Thank you for reading my blogs and have a wonderful day. 🙂

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! Can’t wait to read more especially about snowmobiling!

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