How To Get Schengen Visa From Dubai To Finland?

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After my travel to Finland last month, many people are asking me how I get Schengen Visa from Dubai. Let me share with you today all the information and procedure in order to get Schengen Visa and increase your chance of getting an approval. Mine was Business Visa but it is just almost the same with Tourist Visa.

Getting a visa to visit European countries is quite challenging because of bunch of requirements that you need to prepare and must have complete documents in order for you to get the approval. Therefore, 2-3 months before your target date of travel you must do research, read articles and visit the website of VFS Global , (an outsourcing and technology services specialist for government and diplomatic mission worldwide. Almost all countries are catered by this organization. So when you need to apply visa kindly check their website or call to get information)

How To Get Schengen Visa To Finland From Dubai

Required Documents

  • Original Passport with more than 6 months validity before expiration
  • Visa Page copy
  • Last 3 months Bank Statement of your company. Prepare also your personal Bank Statement if in case they requested) but for Tourist Visa, only your personal Bank Statement is required.
  • Company Trade License copy (If tourist visa, you don’t need this document)
  • Invitation Letter from Finland company (If tourist visa, you don’t need this document or else if you have friend or relatives who is inviting you
  • No Objection Letter from your company to travel, stating your position, how many years have you been working in the company, your salary and mention if they will shoulder all your expenses (if the embassy would not be satisfied they will request you to submit your bank statement ). For tourist visa, you also need No Objection letter from your company.
  • Copy of Return-ticket
  • Proof of Accomodation or Hotel Booking (For hotel it is not necessarily confirmed as you are not sure if your visa will be approved. You can book your hotel from as it is free cancellation)
  • Travel Insurance (more than 30,000 Euro)


  1. Download the Application Form and Fill up carefully.
  2. Gather all the required documents and make sure it is complete to avoid refusal.
  3. Visit VFS Global office in Wafi Mall. When I applied my visa I just dropped by to their office directly. Their timings is (From Monday – Friday / 9:00am – 3:00pm). To make sure that they are accepting walk-in applicants you can call them on this telephone number +971 4 205 5907. If not you can schedule an appointment with them by calling their number. (For me when I called them, they told me that I can come walk-in to VFS Global in Wafi Mall and submit all the documents.)
  4. Pay the Fees : Premium : 742.50 AED ( for fast processing). For ordinary processing, I think 270 AED, you can double check with them by calling their landline (+971 4 205 5907)
  5. Processing Period: After you have submitted all the documents and your original passport, they will send it to Abu Dhabi Finland Embassy. Keep your receipt of payment with tracking reference as you will present that upon collection your passport with visa stamp. It takes 1-2 weeks for ordinary processing to be released. While for me, I got my approved visa after 4 working days only as I paid premium. You can track your application in VFS Global by visiting their website and enter your tracking reference number.
  6. Collection : Once your visa has been approved you will receive an SMS from the phone number that you register to them. Bring your payment receipt and collect from VFS Global Wafi your original passport with Approved Visa. Then, Congratulations! Enjoy your trip in Europe!

Note : When applying a schengen visa, the most important to keep in mind is to submit the complete documents to avoid rejection.

Visit VFS Global, read all the details about application of Schengen visa as from time to time they might have new rules or changes.

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