“La Mer” The Newest World-Class Beachfront In Dubai

La Mer Dubai~ Discover the newest world-class beachfront tourist attraction in United Arab Emirates. The spans of 13.4 million square feet stretching out into the ocean of Jumeirah 1 neighbourhood. The first phase was opened to the public last October 2017 and still work in progress in some area but you would already enjoy the visit in the part completed.

The destinations are made up of three different areas : La Mer South, La Mer North, The Wharf.  There are more than 130 shops, cafes and restaurants, water park, surf park and cinema. It is a combination of distinctive retail stores and leisure attraction. One-stop for shopping, swimming, surfing, play and entertainment and dining. Good for family bonding or picnic, playground for children (children can play beside the ocean as well as a beach club called “Sea Spice” and there are giant inflatable air pillow to laying down on the white sands along the Jumeirah beach), relaxation (there are beds and cabanas available for visitors) and leisurely walk (A beautiful spot to enjoy a day at the beach).

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Desert Safari

Desert Safari is one of the most amazing adventure you should not miss when you come to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Last November 30, 2017 since it was holiday here in UAE we had a chance to go for some fun and adventure. It was unplanned. That was my second time  but for my buddies it was their first time so kind a mix emotions of fear, fun and excitement.

Below are some photos and video of this roller coaster experience but sad to say I wasn’t able to save the videos of the most intense part when we were climbing the summit and the tossing of the sand on the window. Anyway, we will try again this fun in the red sand dune in other parts of UAE, the sand are really amazing and I’m gonna make sure to take gorgeous photos and videos. 🙂

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Mussandam Dibba

Last Saturday, 25th November, 2017 I went to Dibba Oman with my brethren for our fellowship. We assembled at Spinneys Burjuman Dubai UAE around 7:15 in the morning then we started our journey taking Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Sharjah to Dibba Oman.

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Jumeirah Golf Estates 🏌️‍♀️ ⛳️

Hi guys, I just wanna share with you something I am grateful for about last Saturday, maybe this doesn’t matter to others but for me it really matters. I am a type of person who is grateful for every little thing to a huge thing or great experiences in my life. Gratitude is one of the best positive attitude we have to practice every day for a happy and fulfilling life. Sharing a happy, inspiring and positive stories is one of my passion hoping to spread a positivity wonderful day to every individual around me.

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Global Village

Global Village Dubai, is the leading seasonal cultural extravaganza in the region that offers visitors an amazing array of festivals, shopping, leisure and entertainment. There are varieties of products symbolizes the culture of each countries participants. You can find authentic cultural decorations from Tunisia Pavilion and Egyptian Pavilion. And feel the unique shopping experience in Russian’s cultural attraction. If you love collecting perfume you can also find there. This is a unique opportunity to exhibitors from different countries to showcase their culture and products in Dubai.

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First time in Fun Run

I remembered the first time I joined in 4K Fun Marathon this year 2017, we registered in the last minute before the registration closed. It was a lot of fun and excitement. I couldn’t believe that my first experience in participating with this kind of fun marathon is in Dubai.

It was a long time ago since I desire to join such fun run from my home country in the Philippines , but I wasn’t able to participate. I couldn’t get a chance because it was either no one is interested to join with me (of course it is more fun if you will run with friends, colleagues or family) or I am busy.

When the day of the Marathon came, We arrived early at the starting point venue.  I was very excited at the same time I  was nervous. I was excited because from the very beginning the reason why we wanted to join was just to have fun and get the medal award given to all participants after they finished the race and reached the finished goal and then just took photos and show with friends…hahah . On the other hand I was nervous because during that time, I was not feeling well, and my body was feeling weak, prior to that I went to the gym once a week and jogging 3 times in a week.. But since I long for it to experience and the chance is here now in front of me even if somehow I wanted to back out but I never did and still joined and finished the run and got the medal and  took photos. :)Apologized for not so clear photos. 🙂

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Wondering why I posted this so late? Well it’s because I just started blogging and I learned that the registration for Dubai Standard Chartered Marathon 2018 has already been started. It is held every year. We might join again in this fun run and I will make a fresh update about it. 🙂  If you are interested to participate you can visit their website or click here to  register online. Below are the registration fee in their website.

Registration Fee

42.195km Marathon – 120USD

10km Road Race – 80USD

4km Fun Run – 50USD

At The Top Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, is one of the famous tourist attraction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Your trip is incomplete without experiencing At the Top Level 124-125 or At the Top Sky Level 148.

The ticket to experience “At The Top of Burj Khalifa “is from 125 AED up to 400 AED.  It depends on the timings.  You can buy your ticket from traveling agencies or company offering holidays package like Groupon , or you can book directly a ticket online in Burj Khalifa or At The Top website. Normally it’s quiet cheaper in the morning sightseeing compared in the night. It depends on your preference on which time would you like to see this amazing beauty of the whole city of Dubai.

Below are some photos taken last April, 2017. It was a remarkable experience at the top of the Wold’s Tallest building.

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Include this in your bucket list and discover all adventure in Dubai United Arab Emirates like desert safari, ferrari world in Abu Dhabi, great beaches in different emirates and a lot more.  I’m sure you will enjoy and never forget your arabian experience in this marvellous country. 🙂

Till my next blog of my other adventure.

Please leave your comments or suggestion below. I’d love to hear it from you.

Thank you guys and have a great day. 🙂

A Great Memories of Stop Over To Malaysia

September 2015, I decided to go back to Dubai but I would stop over first to Malaysia to see the famous Petronas Tower  are “Twin Towers”, Twin skycrapers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

My aunt visits to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia often every 2 months or sometimes just after a month because her daughter who is my cousin is based in Malaysia with her husband and son.

So I asked her when is her next trip to KL and we set the date.

I was so excited, I booked my ticket and plan this trip.

Prior to that I was thinking how it looks like this country. I’m excited to see the 88-storey twin structure Kuala Lumpur’s crown jewel. On the other hand, I’m a bit bothered of some story I heard that oftentimes, almost everyday people experience a lightning strikes in the dark. But so far, when I went there I never experience such thing. It was peaceful and calm weather and we had a lot of fun.

I’m gonna share with you some  photos I got during that short visit. It was short but it was great and amazing experience, that’s why I am looking forward to visit there again but this time I wanna to explore more the beauty of Malaysia and see their beautiful sceneries.


Tell me about your stories and experience when you visit Kuala Lumpur. Please leave your comment, I’d love to read it.

Thank you and have a great day.:)

Beauty of Tagaytay

Tagaytay is the popular holiday town for local people and one of the famous attractions for tourist. It is located in the province of Cavite. It is known for outstanding scenery and cooler climate provided by its high altitude. Tagaytay overlooks Taal Lake in Batangas and provides views of Taal Volcano Island in the middle of the lake through various vantage points situated in the city.

d.jpgThis is one of our unforgettable moments with brethren and friends last October 2014.

c.jpgWe had also visited this famous Sonya’s Garden ,well-known for Bed and Breakfast, Garden Spa and Lifestyle Haven.

We love to come back to this place again and again.

Please tell me your experience when you visit Tagaytay. I would love to read your comments and thoughts.

Have a great day. 🙂

Bataan Outing

Bataan is a historical province situated in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines. The province of Bataan is best known for its historical and cultural attractions. The Battle of Bataan is famous for being one of the last stands of American and Filipino soldiers before they were overwhelmed by the Japanese forces during World War II. The Bataan Death March, where the infamous march started, was also named after the province.

samLast August 2015, we have company outing for team building. One of our stop over was in Mt. Samat National Shrine. It’s 2-3 hours travel from Manila to Bataan depending on the traffic.

sam 2It was a memorable experience seeing such historical place in the Philippines with these great people. 🙂

batt.jpgThe Battle of Bataan

No automatic alt text available.Bataan World War II Museum.

bWe also explore the beaches in Bataan. We cannot stop ourselves not to swim with this fascinating beach with fine sands and crystalline water. It’s so relaxing and calming for the soul.

There are so many great places and tourist attractions in Bataan. We have only a short visit in this place but if given a chance we love to go back there and discover more of Bataan.

So if you are planning to go out of town away from a very busy city of Manila, you can consider this historical place of Bataan, I’m sure you will enjoy and have a lot of fun.

Thank you guys and have a great weekend. 🙂