Why some photos in blogs are missing?

Anyone here has an idea why it happened? I checked my previous post of my travel but now there are lots of photos missing and there are only message that : image may contain : sky, tree, outdoor Do you have any idea what does it mean? Your help is much appreciated. Advertisements

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak everyone ! Hope everyone is enjoying this holidays season. This photo was my first taken for fireworks display as an []

And So This Is CHRISTmas…

Originally posted on Hmmm…:
            Again, it’s December and Christmas holidays is just around the corner. Almost everybody seems to be very busy in preparation of glittering decors, new clothes, expensive material presents, blissful celebrations and so on. Christmas is in the air! Too many parties and get togethers are there! For some, this is the time to double or even triple their money in terms of profits and investments. Loyal consumers and buyers enjoy the opportunity of obtaining gifts, gifts…

Can You Speak Spanish?

Hola amiga y amigo. Is there anyone here who can speak Spanish? Can you give me tips on how I can learn fast. I am learning Spanish language online maybe you can talk to me in Spanish so I can practice it. 😀 Gracias por ayuda ☺️ comento por favor.

Daily Post Word- Nest

I saw a bird’s nest on the tree and I was so excited to see. I asked my buddy to check if there was an egg 🥚 but he was afraid to be bitten by snake. 😀 In response to Daily Post Word- ” Nest”